The opportunity to work one on one with one of the winningest coaches in NCCA history

Sharing his 41 years of coaching experience across many platforms: junior club, junior college, collegiate men, collegiate women, international and the Olympic games with your athlete.  Building a trusting relationship with a proven nurturing coach.


Skill Development

  • Creating a trusting environment for all personalities to explore new techniques freely
  • Narrow focus to emphasize each part of a skill
  • Adaptation of lessons to meet each athlete’s individual learning style.
  • Immediate input and correction with each drill.
  • Motor learning including kinesthetic perception tailored to each individual athlete to optimize performance.

Other Lessons

  • Develop long term and short-term goals
  • Having an additional confidant to be a resource for developing into a collegiate athlete.
  • Advice on the game outside the gym:  nutrition, time management and study habits.
  • Development of strategies to combat stress, anxiety and fatigue.
  • Discussion of pro and cons of physical training strategies.
  • Tips for competitive advantages.
  • Insight from a veteran coach across all levels of the game.