Virtual Coaching

Schedule online meetings with Mick to review video and discuss strategies and techniques to develop maximum performance of your volleyball athletes. Utilizing the latest software, web conferencing and video analysis, he can work with coaches and players from anywhere in the world.

Skill development

  • Taking professional knowledge and expertise to virtual coach individuals
  • Being a supportive companion to the athlete
  • Building the athletes self-confidence and autonomy empowering the athlete.
  • Athlete and virtual coach jointly pursue their common goal to fine tune skills.
  • Combining mental training and skill development to improve overall performance.
  • Breaking down movement patterns to improve the athlete’s performance.
  • Developing the total athlete, mentally and physically.
  • Formulating a training schedule to develop maximum performance.

Game Analysis

  • Evaluate overall performance.
  • Evaluate individual position performances; execution and choices.
  • Provide teambuilding recommendations.
  • Develop game strategies to increase success.

Recruiting Information

  • Provide information on NCAA rules and regulations.
  • Guide athletes and parents through the recruiting process.
  • Provide guidance on collegiate choices.
  • Provide background information on collegiate programs and coaches.

Volleyball Club

  • How to choose a club.
  • Supplement club training.
  • Provide background information, history and performance of the club.
  • Provide information on individual club coaches and coaching styles.

Parental Support

  • Guide parents to support their athletes.
  • Assisting parents to facilitate their athletes’ goals.
  • Assisting parents to help guide their athletes for the college experience.
  • Sharing the demands of a collegiate athlete to better prepare them for college.
  • Preparation for the next level beyond college.
  • Providing information on professional options, agents and leagues.