Volleyball MasterCoaches


Mission: "MasterCoaches instructs coaches in the technical aspects of the game, develops the best methodology of instruction for individual skills, how to correct and implement these skills in practice and competitions”



Our goal is to teach coaches the 6 individual skills involved in our sport. We will also teach all coaches how to correct and implement these skills with players. The final ingredient to this program will be an understanding of how to apply these skills in practice and in competition.


GoKidsYouth Sports™ (GKYS™) provides training and certification for coaches and provides skill training for youth ages 7 and 8.

Bring Your Own Parent (BYOP®) Program is a training program created for players 10 and under and their parents.


  • 10 hours of intensive training
  • On court experiences to “feel the skill” executed with proper mechanics
  • In service and college credits available at select locations



  • Mick Haley
  • Brian Gimmillaro
  • Bob Bertucci
  • Jim Moore
  • Jim McLaughlin
  • Ruth Nelson

Combined Experience

  • National Championship Coaches at D-1,D-11 and Junior College
  • Team USA experiences
  • Creative innovators in offense attacks
  • Creation of breathing defenses to adjust to opponents attack strategies

Ruth Nelson: Author and director

  • Specialized in training 5-10-year old’s through two innovative programs.